Introduction to Environmental Engineering

  • Code:CIV229
  • Credits3.5
  • Requirements:Credits in academic programme: 100.00


The course provides an introductory overview of the basic concepts of environmental engineering and human-nature interactions. The different mechanisms of water, soil and air pollution are emphasized, including environmental impacts of civil infrastructure throughout its entire life cycle.

Furthermore the course addresses the following topics: pollutants and pollution sources, environmental impacts, techniques for environmental restoration and environmental standards for water, air and soil. It finally concludes with an introduction to environmental management tools, amongst others life cycle assessment and environmental impact assessment (EIA), with a special focus on their application to environmental engineering topics.


Code: CIV229

Credits: 3.5

Requirements: Credits in academic programme: 100.00




Karin Bartl
Ph.D in Environmental Engineering
ETH Zurich – Suiza