Digital Signal Processing

  • Code:1ING09
  • Credits3.0
  • Requirements:MAT202

This course introduces the basic concepts to analyze discrete-time signals and systems. The student will develop the necessary skills to apply theoretical concepts in the activities that involve digital signal processing. The laboratory sessions will be focused to evaluate the application of the theoretical background as well as a high level programming skills in simulation environments.

This course covers the fundamental concepts of digital signal processing. The students will learn about sampling theorem, discrete convolution and correlation of signals, linear systems, time-frequency analysis, discrete Z transform, and discrete Fourier transform. In addition, the course covers the use of digital filters and adaptives filters to enhance the input signal. An introduction of digital image processing in the spatial domain will also be in the scope of the course.


Code: 1ING09

Credits: 3

Requirements: MAT202


Stefano Enrique Romero
Mg. Procesamiento de Señales e Imágenes Digitales