Speech of the Dean

The School of Science and Engineering of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú is at the forefront of advances and academic innovation. We seek to obtain excellence in our students’ education, production quality in our researchers and innovation in the manner of teaching of our professors. Upon more than 80 years of academic work, the School aims to be faithful to its particular spirit of excellence and commitment to institutional and national development. Our students, who grow in an ongoing basis in number and requirements, are the main motivation for this project.

We firmly believe that the School is structured in the joint work of all those persons that form it: from the basis of our faculty and administrative personnel to the creation of student associations, the organization of all our entities is essential for the School. We have a common mission that is to lead the change and transcend barriers from our cohesive work, which, eventually, generates rewards and common benefits. Thus, the results of this effort are at our disposal: accreditation processes were achieved and they continue to expand, internationalization advances with exchanges and activities at multinational level, mobility of students from different places of the country encourages us to offer the best to our visitors, the management of the School finds ways to renew and improve quality. An example of this point is the Academic Innovation Complex, which is an achievement, at all levels, in infrastructure and functionality of our way of working, the classrooms of the Complex have technological and informatics equipment that facilitates the application of active methodologies in teaching.

The training of our students is based on a strong scientific, technological and humanist training that prepares them for many challenges caused by academic, employment and personal life. As ultimate goal, we are looking after excellence as a whole: achievement  recognition, knowledge assessment and human appreciation of the person who considers this as an integral part of life.

The School of Science and Engineering found in these lines the reaffirmation of an educational undertaking assumed with greater commitment and vigor as required by university life.

Dr. Miguel Mejía Puente