Description of courses

I. Spanish Language and Peruvian Studies Program

In coordination with the DARI (Dirección Académica de Relaciones Institucionales) from the PUCP, the Spanish for International Students Program offers a one month course which includes Spanish language courses (Intermediate and Advanced levels), and a Peruvian Culture course. For more details, please refer to the following links:




II. Semester Program

The Spanish Semester Program (Intermediate and Advanced Spanish) is a four credit course. The Program offers formal instruction for a total of eighty hours divided in sixteen weeks. Students attend a three-hour session per week, where they receive formal instruction in Spanish Grammar, as well as focusing on the development of oral and written communicational skills. In addition to these sessions, students attend complementary practice sessions, supervised by teaching assistants, for a weekly two-hour class. To ensure an optimum learning environment, each class will have fifteen students at most.

Levels offered

  • Intermediate: This course is aimed at students who have completed three or four semesters of Spanish language at the university level. Students at this level should have covered all the basic structures of the Spanish language. The Intermediate course is designed to provide practice mastering expressive skills.
  • Advanced: This course is aimed at students who have completed five or six semesters of Spanish language at the university level. This course offers an extensive revision of the grammatical topics that cause the most difficulties at this level, such as the contrast between the uses of different tenses in the past for narratives, the use of “ser” and “estar” in descriptions, the difference between “por” and “para”, and uses of the subjunctive in opinions and recommendations.

It is important to point out that the development of grammatical knowledge in Spanish is a means to obtain the final objective of communicating efficiently in Spanish. Therefore, grammatical issues will be developed through conversational practice, listening comprehension, and reading and writing exercises.