Middle Workshop: Pictures from La Oroya

Name / Place: La Oroya (Jun�n)
Date: 1989 - 1991
Socioeconomic Sector: Mineworkers
Organizations related to the Workshop: - Centrom�n Per�'s Workers Federation (State Company) in La Oroya; the photographers were chosed based on their technical work (smelting, rail etc.).
- La Oroya's Mine Housewives Committee.
- Mining National Federation (FNTMMSP).
Number of photographers: 7
    Men:   5
    Women:   2
Number of films taken: 79
Information Sheets: 0
Themes: - Smelting in La Oroya.
- Everyday living (festivities, La Oroya city.)
- Sindical organization.
- Something (very little) about smoke pollution.
Promoter in charge: - Thomas M�ller: Started the workshop.


LO 1-6A

LO 2-12

LO 2-15A

LO 2-17A

LO 3-2A

LO 3-8A

LO 3-10A

LO 3-21A

LO 3-29A

LO 3-33A

LO 3-35A

LO 3-40A

LO 4-21

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LO 5-36

LO 5-38A

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