Other projects: Social Photography Workshops (Pictures from TAFOS)

Name / Place: Social Photography Workshops (Pictures from TAFOS)
Date: 1989-1994
Socioeconomic Sector: Many
Organizations related to the Workshop: - None
Number of photographers: 36 (The number of photographers in this portfolio is relative because there were some who formed the groups I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII, as well as the Barricada Cultural Group. All of them preferred to remain anonymous because political violence period at that time. The TAFOS/PUCP Photographic Archive has no information regarding the identity of those who formed such groups. Therefore, the photographs they took were named after the group each belonged to and authorship of these images belongs to the group as a whole. )
    Men:   30
    Women:   6
Number of films taken: 563
Information Sheets: 380
Themes: - Marches and Strikes
- Scatter Comedians ("C�micos ambulantes")
- Hospitals (Loayza and Larco Herrera)
- "Se�or de los Milagros" Procession
- TAFOS' Photographic Exhibitions
- Youngsters
Promoter in charge: - None

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TA 2-35A

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