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Our Law School

The prestige of the PUCP Law School graduates is based on the solid principles they acquire, their interdisciplinary education and their ability to solve legal problems.

Education at PUCP Law School fosters conciliation among people and institutions through the application of Law while always keeping in mind the concepts of justice and equity.

Students learn about the philosophical, historical, logical and legal foundations of each institution of the legal system, thus allowing them to specialize in any area of Law. The School of Law at PUCP further promotes flexibility, tolerance and respect for human dignity, which provides an open forum for the discussion of legal issues.


Our Law School is one of the oldest academic units at PUCP. Through the Supreme Law dated March 24, 1917, the decree which founded the university, the act of establishing this academic unit was authorized. Thereafter, on April 29, 1919, legal education began to be imparted upon on our first class comprised of 20 students.


To become an Ibero-American leader in legal education and research by the year 2021.


To provide the highest standards in legal education, including ethical reasoning and critical thinking, in order to consolidate democracy in our country.