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Plan for Equivalences and Transition Plan

The new curriculum replaces the previous 2001 curriculum. This new curriculum takes effect in the 2015-1 cycle. Its implementation will be progressive and will culminate in the 2018-2 cycle. The 2001 curriculum is valid up to and including the 2017-1 cycle, so for five semesters (2015-1 to 2017-1) two curriculums will coexist at the Law School.

The foregoing equivalences plan regulates:

  1. The schedule of implementation of the new curriculum;
  2. The equivalences between courses from the current and new curriculum; and,
  3. The course prerequisites for admission to the Law School per the new curriculum. To this end, general guidelines are foreseen which will respond to the needs of achieving the objectives of the new curriculum. The particular situations not covered by the equivalence plan will be resolved according to the objectives of the new curriculum while respecting the rights acquired by the student.

A New Study Plan, a new way of learning Law.

Our responsibility and commitment towards maintaining the highest standards in education inspire us to permanently reflect on the way we teach, the way students learn and the application of law in practice.

The emergence of new social, cultural, environmental and economic problems has forced us to implement new legal approaches to a changing reality. The inclusion of Peru in the international legal system in areas such as Human Rights, free-trade agreements and international investments, demands an updated educational program that includes the latest innovation in legal education worldwide. This new reality led us to the implementation of a new study plan which stands out for its interdisciplinary nature.