Students of the FCI Got First Place at CONEIC Competition

The National Congress of Civil Engineering Students (CONEIC) is an academic, social and cultural event that gathers students of Civil Engineering from Peru and Latin America every year, with the goal of having them demonstrate their knowledge through presentations and contests. In this sense, one of the categories in which students can participate is focused on the resistance of concrete specimens, in which PUCP students got the first place.

Valeria Mujica and Didier Gálvez, both juniors, and César Aguilar and Aldair Gonzales, both seniors, are Civil Engineering students and members of the American Concrete Institute group of the PUCP (ACI –PUCP). Thanks to the experience they acquired during their undergraduate formation as well as during their time working on this group, they decided to participate in the 2018 edition of the CONEIC, for which they traveled to Cuzco and competed against 40 universities.

The group was advised by the engineers Laura Navarro and Julio Cesar Carhuamaca, who oriented them on the methods of proportioning cement. Thanks to their advise, and most of all, to the multiples simulations they carried out, Valeria, Didier, Cesar and Aldair got the first place in the category  of concrete specimens resistance, which was a tough competition.

Even though the team will not participate in this category again, they do expect to participate in other contests of this very congress, as well as in new contests organized by ACI-Peru and the International ACI.


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