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Geological Engineering

About the career

Accreditation of the Career

The Geological Engineering program is accredited by Comité Técnico de Acreditación de Ingeniería de ICACIT, and Engineering Accreditation Comission of ABET,

Upon completion of studies, students will obtain the degree of Bachelor in Science with a major in Geology and they may be granted the professional title of Geologist Engineer after develop and defend the corresponding degree thesis in public.

The graduate will be qualified to act in all stages of work in the mining industry, from exploration to mining development, with a solid commitment to the society and environment, and with ethical values related to teaching at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Moreover, we seek to be able to develop as an academic researcher who meets the conditions required for a graduate program in any university around the world.

The career of Geological Engineering will have three qualitative advantages in comparison to other local market offers: first, the faculty shall be composed of experts with recognized professional activity in industry, which conducted graduate studies in prestigious universities abroad (90% has the doctoral degree); second, the curriculum includes modular or compact courses that will develop comprehensively in field work, charged to instructors with experience in this matter. Finally, research will have an important place and it shall be a complement for high level education offered in the career.

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