• Present

    Provision of education, guidance and training to near 3.000 students in the areas of Science (academic programs of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Statistics) and Engineering (academic programs of Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Geological Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, Mining Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering. The new academic program offered is Biomedical Engineering).

  • 1969

    Management of the establishment of academic programs of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry.

  • 1966

    Establishment of the Department of Basic Science. Its first director was Dr. José Tola Pasquel and its first deputy director was Ing. Hugo Sarabia Swett.

  • 1965

    The support agreement reached with Fundación Ford means a significant change, since it facilitated the establishment of a Department of Basic Science that, at the same time, enabled to increase the curriculum of the School and potentiate the areas of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and the branches of Industrial, Mechanical and Mining Engineering.

  • 1961

    Opening, in Fundo Pando, of a two-plant building, built to replace the old premises of Lima downtown, which were not sufficient for a unit that was growing and modernizing rapidly.

  • 1933

    The School was established on Tuesday, January 10, 1933 and began academic operations on Tuesday, April 18, 1933, with the name of School of Engineering. The first classes were taught at calle Botica de San Pedro. When it was founded, it had 48 students and only one academic program: Civil Engineering. Its first dean was Engineer, Jorge Félix Remy.