Our professional educational model

Students from fourteen careers of the School de Science and Engineering are integral professionals able to compose interdisciplinary work teams, to lead collective projects and to implement a high analytical and creative capacity. These competences enable to propose innovative solutions in international business management outlook. This is achieved because of their education:

  • They are challenged to solve real problems: This task is carried out in the 52 labs of the School, aimed at experimental and practical training of students. There, they can apply their knowledge, their analytical capacity, inventiveness and they are challenged to lead team work responsibly.
  • They are prepared in the command of the cutting edge technologies: The most modern cutting edge equipment are used in the labs, many of them are not still installed in other centers and are exclusive for Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.
  • They are encouraged to complement their professional education abroad: Semiannually, students are offered the opportunity to participate in student exchange programs within countries of America, Europe and Asia to which our students attend during an academic semester. The participants return with new perspectives about their career and with a different vision about work performance. They are challenged to study subjects with students of other Schools of Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Thus, they learn to interact, to communicate to each other and to understand the language and vision of the other disciplines.
  • They are encouraged to form student associations: In order to promote their initiative, leadership and communication skills, in the School there are more than 20 student associations, which organize international events, publications of magazines, research works, university social responsibility activities and participation in international competitions, among others.