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The TAFOS Project began in 1986, in Lima - Peru, in a district called "El Agustino" and, also, in Ocongate's community, in Cuzco. The social context in which the project originated was one surrounded by political violence, extreme poverty and lack of political representativeness.

TAFOS / PUCP Photographic Archive
Rosa Villafuerte,1987
Furthermore, the communication systems between the citizens were weak or didn't even exist, in most of the cases. In the middle of this situation, TAFOS (Social Photography Workshops) emerged, founded by two Germans, Thomas Müller and his wife, Helga Müller. The project's purpose was to create communication systems, using social and documentary photography, based on two principles, communication and popular organization.
TAFOS / PUCP Photographic Archive
Serapio Verduzco,1997
The functional organs of the project were the photography workshops that had place in many zones of Peru and with different time durations. The workshops, basically, consisted in providing to villagers, that weren't professional photographers, photographic equipments to do a documentary registration of their reality.
The organizers and promoters were professionals from various areas that were responsible for overseeing the appropriate functioning of the workshops and its continuity. TAFOS came to an end in 1998, after 12 years of work, more than 27 workshops organized and a photographic library that reached 150 negatives in black and white, color and slides.

… "TAFOS was a project of visual inclusion, with pictures that, in its character of a documentary mirror, made visible the invisible and took risks for a country still alive. Their pictures show us a country struggling for respect and recognition of basic rights for its people; a country in the process of consolidation and transformation that, however, still enjoys life; summing up, a country with a clear bet for life and change".

Huarcaya, Roberto. Hacer visible lo invisible. In: País de Luz. Talleres de Fotografía Social, TAFOS. Perú: 1986-1998. Lima-Peru: Pastor y Müller, 2006. p. 44-47(English Translation).



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