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- 2008 -

"País de Luz" in Mexico

The exhibition "País de Luz" that belongs to the TAFOS/PUCP Photographic Archive, has been traveling, for more than six months, around many Mexican cities in an itinerant exposition.

The 35 pictures contained in the collection, has been exhibited on the Photographic Library of Veracruz, in the Image Center in Ciudad de México and they're about to be mounted in Manuel Álvarez Bravo Photographic Center in Oaxaca.


Exhibitions list since 1999

For our website, we have created a list that includes the national and international exhibitions held since 1999 and that were in charge of the TAFOS / PUCP Photographic Archive. Visiting many galleries in Peru and countries such as Spain, Austria and Mexico, the exhibitions made after the Thomas Müller's donation, are intended to take the baton on the dissemination and photographic displays of the work done in the Social Photography Workshops (Talleres de Fotografía Social).

After Thomas Müller donated the archive, the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, and especially the Faculty of Science and Arts of Communication, which is responsible for the administration of the documentary and photographic archive of the Social Photography Workshops (TAFOS) project, continued with a progressive display of the workshops in a series of exhibitions, both domestically and internationally.


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