Study plan

The General Studies in Humanities Program consists of four terms (semesters) at the beginning of the University studies. The student must comply with specific conditions in order to move forward to the specialized studies in the Humanities, Law, Social & Economical Sciences, Administrative Sciences and Communication Arts & Sciences Programs.

A common requirement for all careers is to pass 75 credits, including a specific number of courses related to the specialized areas and a foreign language exam. For certain careers, it is mandatory that the General Studies in Humanities student pass some courses of basic specialized formation (requirement courses).

Social and Political Sciences (12 credits)

Course Credits Type
Anthropology 4 A
Economics 4 A
Elements of Political Science 4 A
Sociology 4 A
Archeology 4 B
Law 4 B
Geography 4 B
Psychology 4 B
Organizational Management 4 B
Introduction to Finance 4 B
Citizenship and Social Responsibility 4 C
Peruvian Social Reality 4 C

* Pass2 Atype courses,1 B Type course and 1 Type C course


History (12 credits)

Course Credits Type
History of XX Century 4 A
Peruvian History: From the Origins to the XVIII Century 4 B
Peru in Modern Times 4 B
Pre-history and Peruvian Civilization 4 B
Ancient and Medieval History 4 C
Modern History 4 C
Pre-history and Civilization 4 C
Contemporary History of Latin America 4 C

* Pass2 Atype courses and 1 B Type course


Philosophy  (8 credits)

Course Credits Type
Ethics 4 A
Themes of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy 4 A
Themes of Contemporary Philosophy 4 A
Themes of Modern Philosophy 4 A
Epistemology 4 A

* Pass2 Atype courses


Theology (4 credits)

Course Credits Type
Believing in Jesus Christ Nowadays 4 A
Science, Ethics and Religion 4 A
Faith and Current Culture 4 A
Introduction to the Holy Bible 4 A
 Biblical Anthropology 4 A
 Christian Faith and Human Dignity 4 A
Origin of Christianity 4 A
Human Development and Meaning of Life 4 A
Christian Social Teaching 4 A

* Pass1 AType course


Linguistic Sciences and Literature (8 credits)

Course Credits Type
Introduction to Literature 4 A
Narrative 4 A
Poetry 4 A
Theater 4 A
Language Structure 4 B
General Theory of Language 4 B
Language and Society 4 B

* Pass1 Atype course and 1 B Type course


Natural Sciences (4 credits)

Course Credits Type
Biology 4 A
Cosmology 4 A
Ecology 4 A
Introduction to Experimental Sciences 4 A
Neuroscience 4 A
Human Evolution 4 A

* Pass1 AType course


Mathematics and Logic (8 credits)

Course Credits Type
Logic 4 A
Mathematics 4 A
Mathematics 1 4 A
Introduction to Statistics and Probability 4 A
Mathematics for Economists 1 4 A
Statistics 4 A

* Pass2 AType courses


Research strategies (4 credits)

Course Credits Type
Writing and Interpretation Workshop 4 A
Argumentation 3 A
Academic Research 3 A

* Pass2 AType courses


Artistic courses


Arts, activities, specialized themes and complementary courses (13 credits)

Course Credits
Arts (maximum 6 credits – 2 courses)
Modern Art Appreciation 3
Musical Appreciation 3
Cinema 3
Modern Ballet 3
Visual Arts Workshop 3
Musical Creativity Workshop 3
Narrative Workshop 3
Poetry Workshop 3
Theater Workshop 3
Activities (maximum 2 credits – 1 course)
OrganicVegetableGardens 2
Choir 2
Ladies’ Sports 2
Men’s Sports 2
Personal Development 2
Huacas and Museums in Lima 2
Debate Workshop 2
Specialized Themes: Social Studies
Social Analysis of Current Processes 3
Social Communication 3
Ethnicity, Identity and Nation 3
Information and Society 3
Introduction to Macroeconomics 3
Introduction to Microeconomics 3
Introduction to the Geoenvironmental Problems of Peru 3
Introduction to the Justice System’s Operation 3
International Relations 3
Urban Anthropology Themes 3
Music and Society 3
Basic Finance 3
Accounting 3
Introduction to Sustainable Tourism 3
Technology,  Nature and Society 3
Specialized Themes: Humanities
Archeology and Society 3
Culture of Peace 3
Oriental Culture 3
Philosophical Debates 3
Art History 3
Contemporary Peruvian History 3
Contemporary Universal History 3
Economic History 3
Contemporary Literature 3
Classic Literature 3
Psychology, Individual and Society 3
Specialized Themes: Languages
Greek Language and Culture 3
Latin 4
Quechua 4
Specialized Themes: Mathematics
Mathematics 2 4
Mathematics for Economists 2 4
Mathematics for Economists 3 4