Why study at PUCP

PUCP is a highly regarded and esteemed institution of education in Perú. Not only do the most qualified students in Perú come to the University, but there is also a large contingent of international students that come from all around the world to enrich their educational and cultural experiences. The professors at PUCP are some of the best in the country and a unique educational experience is sure to be had. Living and experiencing University life in a setting different than the one you are used to is guaranteed to be a learning experience, and PUCP is a great place to make that experience happen.

What is the Philosophy of Estudios Generales Letras?

Estudios Generales Letras is the program within PUCP that could be seen as the equivalent of the first 2 years of an undergraduate study. It consists of 2 years of interdisciplinary and liberal arts courses with the idea of preparing the student for their future career path. With this solid base in humanities established, the student can then go on to focus on and develop a more specific field of study. They will elect a facultad (can be considered the equivalent of a major) where they will study for another 3 or 4 years, depending on the facultad. Estudios Generales Letras aims to provide the students with knowledge, abilities, an ethically and culturally aware background, and the desire to continue their education and eventually enter the professional world, prepared for what may come.