Extracurricular activities and events at PUCP

There is always something happening and something you can easily get involved with at PUCP.

Movie showings

Throughout the year you will see notices about ciclos de cine, in which movies related to a certain theme will be played on campus. Anyone can attend for free. Many times there will be a panel of speakers or a discussion after the ciclo.


With the same principle of dealing with a specific theme, ciclos de conferencias are also organized. Professors and specialists will give talks relating to the chosen topic and anyone may attend.


Within some facultades, workshops are organized to give instructional guidance in certain aspects of the study; there are also dance and arts workshops.


PUCP has teams associated with the University and also has opportunities to play (football/soccer, futsal, swimming, dancing, basketball, chess, volleyball, karate, among others) at a less committed level. One must simply make their way to the Coliseo Deportivo and the sports institutions on campus (and/or the Deportes section of the website) to find out more information.

On-campus fairs

Book fairs, crafts fairs, art fairs, etc. are organized by students in coordination with the University and held on campus for the enjoyment of the public.

Cultural thursdays

Every Thursday in the afternoon, the campus hosts a music concert, performance, or event of some kind in an effort to provide the University population with a culturally rich (and welcome break from classes) and exciting experience.