Frequent asked questions

How do I know if I have failed out?

Enter the Intranet and follow this route: Historia académica, Historia de notas en la PUCP- there you will see whether you failed out or not.

  • What stages of the enrollment process can be done through the PUCP Campus Virtual?

Student enrollment involves the following procedures:

Registration: in this stage, you must select your course schedule for the courses you wish to enroll in. These must be selected from the allowed courses list. Every available schedule for the courses selected will feature your enrollment priority. New students do not participate in this stage of the process.

Modifying your registration: in this process, you may modify your registration, adding extra course schedules which are still available or eliminating courses which you no longer wish to take.

Renouncing your pre-enrollment: in this stage, you may renounce your slot in any given course. In doing so, you are indicating that you do not wish to enroll.

If I do not get in to a vacant course, can I renounce my enrollment in order to attend the stand-in registration process?
You may renounce your enrollment but you must take into consideration that, in the stand-in registration process, there may be fewer courses available.

  • Can I enroll in less than 12 credits?

You may register for less than 12 credits but you will not be considered a regular student.

  • Do I have to retake a failed course?

You may change it for another course of the same nature, except in the case of compulsory or required courses, which you must pass regardless.

  • Can I, at any time, enroll in more than 22 credits?


  • What is pre-register?

Pre-enrollment is the process in which you state your intention of registering for the next semester. Also, it allows our staff to calculate the approximate number of courses and allotted schedules that will be offered.

  • What should I do if I do not pre-register?

Pre-enrollment is mandatory for all students of Estudios Generales Letras and some faculty members. If you do not pre-register, you will be given a lower priority when selecting your courses.

  • If I graduate this semester, should I pre-register?

If you graduate this semester, you must pre-register, during the programmed dates, in the faculty to which you are headed. Remember that, in some faculties, pre-registering is mandatory. If you are getting ahead with some courses, you must pre-register in Estudios Generales Letras and (no commas) also in the courses of your future faculty. Bear in mind that the pre-registering dates are not always the same for every faculty.

  • Do I have to enroll in the courses for which I have pre-registered?


  • I am an internal transfer student and I have not been allowed to register for a course which figures in the equivalent courses chart. What should I do?

Send an e-mail to or request an appointment with the Assistant Secretary at Administration, so that your case may be revised. If your application is acknowledged, the respective procedure will be corrected.

  • What requirements must I complete in order to get ahead with faculty courses?

In order to be able to get ahead with faculty courses, you must have passed at least 60 credits in EE.GG.LL., have a passing academic average since your previous semester, have a language certified and have the required courses for your specialty approved.

  • If I am only missing my language certification, why don’t I appear on the graduate or able to get ahead list?

Language certification is a necessary requirement in order to graduate or get ahead with Faculty courses.

  • How do I know how many courses I have left in order to graduate?

This depends on your specific Study Plan and your selected specialty. You can find all necessary information on the EE.GG.LL. website, based on your Study Plan and selected specialty.