Cursos en otros idiomas ofrecidos por LLCCHH

En un contexto en que el mercado laboral requiere egresados con enfoque internacional y en que el manejo de los idiomas es necesario, la Facultad ofrece una serie de cursos que apuntan a que el estudiante PUCP gane experiencia en el manejo de otros idiomas dentro de su quehacer académico.  Estos cursos se ofrecen durante el semestre y están dirigidos tanto a estudiantes PUCP como estudiantes extranjeros.

Live Online Course - Term 2021-1

GEO-306 Geography Seminar (2021-1)

In this seminar we will explore the intersections between cities and water, focusing on four main subject areas: 1) Cities and drinking water systems; 2) Cities and sewerage/wastewater treatment systems; 3) Cities and rivers; 4) Cities and coastlines/beaches. We will analyze these specific topics to consider the material and conceptual relationships between cities and nature as well as between infrastructure and landscape. The course will be based on recent English-language publications in Geography and related fields, especially works by Matthew Gandy, Karen Bakker, Nikhil Anand, Erik Swyngedouw, Maria Kaika, Rutgerd Boelens, among others. Examples from diverse global cities will be analyzed, including Alexandria, Beirut, Cape Town, Jakarta, Lagos, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, New York and Paris. These will be considered in spatial and historical perspective, to explore how ideas about water in urban spaces have evolved in diverse geohistorical contexts. The course will be based on synchronic discussion (2 hours per week) and asynchronic activities (1 hour per week). Asynchronic activities will include films (documentary and feature) based on topics in urban water as well as readings and forum discussion. Student evaluation will be based on participation in synchronous and asynchronous activities; an in-class presentation, and a research project. A note on English language requirements: readings and teacher presentations (including ppts) will be in English. Student discussion contributions, forum posts, research projects and presentations may be made in English or Spanish. While this course provides an excellent chance to practice English (spoken and written), I do not want this to be a barrier for student participation.

Term 2020-1:

LIT-357 Comparative Literature (2020-1)

In this course, a contrastive approach will be made to the genres, styles, fields, topics and motives in the literature of different eras and different nations or regions. We will undertake the comparative study of Spanish-American and European literature.