Spanish Language Program for Foreign Students (PREX)

Spanish / English

PUCP’s Spanish Language Program for Foreign Students (PREX) is designed to meet foreign students’ communicative needs in social and academic contexts. In our classes, special care is placed in striking the necessary balance between fluency development and grammar accuracy. Our class materials are specially elaborated and adapted to Peruvian reality. Furthermore, students can benefit both from our available resources and pleasant campus atmosphere at PUCP.

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The Spanish Language Program for Foreign Students (PREX) offers Spanish language courses during the semester and short courses for students interested in improving their linguistic skills.

Spanish language levels offered:

Intermediate. This level is for students who have already completed 3 or 4 semesters of Spanish studies at university level. Students at this level have covered all basic structures of the language and need further practice to develop greater ease to express themselves in conversation. Achievement according to international frameworks: Intermediate High (ACTFL), B1+ (CEFR) and 1+ (ILR).

Advanced. This is a level designed for students who have already completed 5 or 6 semesters of Spanish studies at university level. The course offers extensive revision of commonly problematic grammatical areas at this level, such as the contrast between past simple and past perfect tenses in narratives about the past (tiempos pretérito and imperfect), the use of the verb TO BE (“ser” and “estar”) in descriptions, the contrast between “por” and “para”, and the use of the subjunctive to express opinion and make suggestions. Achievement according to international frameworks: Advanced Mid (ACTFL), B2 (CEFR) and 2 (ILR).

It is important to note that development of grammatical knowledge is a means to achieve the final objective of efficiently communicating in Spanish; therefore, our grammar topics will be developed using conversation, listening comprehension, reading, and writing activities.

PREX offers the following types of courses:


Short-length Spanish language courses are offered in coordination with the Student Mobility Section (Sección de Movilidad Estudiantil), which belongs to the Academic Direction of Foreign Relations (Dirección Académica de Relaciones Internacionales – DARI). Along with the courses, PUCP coordinates students’ accommodation in family houses, food and outings to the Historic Center of Lima, the South of Lima, and a trip to Cusco to visit Macchu Picchu. Others services can be included, such as tutoring and «compañero PUCP».

Regularly, we offer a the «Spanish Language and Peruvian Studies Program» in the month of July. Also, we are ready to prepare short-length courses for specific groups during the year.

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The Spanish Language and Peruvian Studies Program grants up to nine (09) academic credits and lasts four weeks. We offer formal teaching of Spanish for a total of ninety hours (90) divided into two Spanish courses at Intermediate and Advanced levels: Grammar (03 credits) and Conversation (03 credits). For students in the advanced level, we have a course of forty five (45) hours of Peruvian studies focused on social and historical aspects of Peru (03 credits). To ensure an excellent language learning environment, first there will be a Spanish placement exam process, and every course will have a maximum of 10 students.

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Short-length courses for specific groups are designed according to the students’ needs and in coordination with the institution interested in the program. Among the universities we have served, we have The University of Southern Mississippi, in the United States of America (May-June 2017-2018), and Deakin University, in Australia (January- February 2018-2020).


The semi-annual format is addressed to those students who participate in exchange programs with the PUCP and need to improve their language skills during the academic semester. Two courses are offered: Intermediate Spanish (HUM222) and Advanced Spanish (HUM223). Every course grants four (04) academic credits and is given during the academic semester (16 weeks). Their class calendar is the same as that of other university courses: from March to July (first semester), or from August to December (second semester). Every course offers formal instruction for a total of 80 hours, five hours a week. Students attend classes of three hours a week, where they receive formal instruction in grammar, and develop oral and written skills (Theory). In addition to that, they meet with teaching assistants for two hours a week to carry out spoken or written practice (Practice). To ensure an excellent language learning environment, first there will be a Spanish placement exam process, and every course will have a maximum of 15 students.

Application Requirements

The week prior to the beginning of classes, there is an orientation session for those students interested in taking any of the program courses. A program representative will clear your doubts and answer your queries.

Placement Test:
A fundamental aspect of any language program is having a class as homogeneous as possible in terms of student performance. All students interested must take this test to allow us to assess whether their level is fit for them to join the course we offer.

Registration takes place a week after the beginning of classes. Nevertheless, it is advisable for students to attend theory and practice sessions from the very first week so as to better assess their level of Spanish, and for them to ensure that the course meets their expectations. Course openings will depend on the number of students interested in the specific level. Classes which do not meet these requirements will be automatically closed.